Pre- Planning Applications

Davies Rural Property Consultants are specialist planning advisers with a proven track record in obtaining planning permission, often where others have failed.  Sometimes this requires commencing the planning process by means of a pre-planning application. 

The majority of our clients tend to be rural landowners, farmers, equestrian and rural businesses located throughout the South West. Often their proposal sites are situated with in sensitive landscape areas such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). In some circumstances we find that using the pre-planning route to planning can be a useful exercise in learning whether or not an application is likely to acceptable. If the proposal is not deemed likely to be successful in its current form, information can be gained regarding the changes need to be made to the proposal in order to increase its chances of success.

Pre-planning can also be useful way of finding out what specialist information the planners are likely to require and this can save time in the long run. 

We initiate pre-application discussions, advise on strategy and prepare supporting information and submission of the application itself. We work with designers to provide well-conceived proposals, with care and attention to the impact on the landscape, and respecting the amenity of other residential property close by.

We work with specialist contractors to obtain the any relevant structural information, landscape visual impact assessment as well as information on relevant issues such as contamination, flooding and highways.

We can assist with:

  • Pre-application applications 
  • Preparation of supporting planning statements and draft design to accompany the application 
  • Preparation of specialist reports such as ecological surveys, topographical surveys and Landscape Plans
  • Management of applications through to decisions
  • Attendance at site meetings and meetings with planners
  • Providing follow up advice about how to take an application forward.

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