Yvonne Davies and Davies Rural sees me stepping out of the corporate environment and setting up my own company to assist in rural surveying and land agency consultancy. Having been RICS qualified for over 10 years with both private and public sector experience, Davies Rural is well equipped to assist you.

Davies Rural offers support and advice in all areas of estate and land management.  One area that stands out in terms of experience and success is planning. Having had experience from initial advice through to submitting and following applications to completion. In addition as a qualified arbitrator I am happy to assist on landlord and tenant matters.

I know that my role can often require the skills of others such as accountants, solicitors, agronomists to name but a few, to this end I have built a solid network of professionals that I can call upon to give my clients a complete service.

What you might not know about Yvonne...

Yvonne was actually brought up on a livestock farm in the west of Ireland, and as one of four girls it was usually her getting her hands dirty on the family farm. It has been this same approach to Davies Rural that will see Yvonne make a huge success of Davies Rural supporting clients in her area.

When it comes to updates I am really passionate about letting my clients know what, how and why it might affect them as soon as possible
— Yvonne Davies